Welcome to the Green Theory Studio Symbiota demo portal

This portal serves as a demonstration of Green Theory Studio's version of Symbiota. The data provided here is for demonstration purposes only and, while originating from other Symbiota portals, should not be used for research or reference in any way. Please visit the GitHub repository for this Symbiota version for information on installation and system requirements. Further information about the Symbiota software project can be found at its general information site.
Some of the features that set this version of Symbiota apart from others include:
  • Easy installation using Composer
  • An updated and improved spatial mapping module that offers more tools and better performance
  • A complete conversion of all mapping functionality (like the Dynamic Checklist and Dynamic Key for example) to use the native spatial mapping module, so Google licenses are no longer needed
  • Improved security measures and a built-in captcha system on the New Account page making it secure out-of-the-box
  • An integrated search system allowing users to jump between viewing results in the text-based search and spatial search easily
If you would like login access to this portal to try out its administrative features, please send us a message through our contact page and we'd be happy to provide you with access.